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Body Massage

b2bspagreenpark · September 09, 2019

Body massage to a natural state balance

Massage is one of the oldest and most effective methods for achieving relaxation but also for maintaining health. Massage affects the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems, and the general condition of the body. Massage improves blood, lymph and energy circulation. Better circulation improves metabolism, decreases subcutaneous fat, enhances tissue oxygenation. The massage improves skin tone and elasticity, which becomes healthier, firmer and more radiant.

Massage also has an anti-stress effect as a method to release emotional and physical tension. Massage restores the body to a state of natural balance.

We offer medical, classic, sports, anti-cellulite massage and massage for pregnant women. Anti-cellulite massage is very effective in combating cellulite, resulting in the removal of subcutaneous fat that is excreted through the lymph. For better and faster results, anti-cellulite massage is combined with an anti-cellulite body mask.


Massage during pregnancy is not a luxury but a necessity, as it reduces anxiety, reduces symptoms of depression, relieves muscle and joint pain, improves blood and lymph circulation, thereby reducing swelling in the legs and feet. Such massage aims to relax muscle tension and improve lymphatic and blood flow and is applied by gentle pressure on the muscle groups of the body. Pregnant massage, if used regularly, increases the levels of the hormones dopamine and serotonin (low levels of these hormones are associated with depression). The benefits of this massage are that it can help improve the overall prenatal health of many pregnant women, both emotionally and physically, which is very important for the baby and the expectant mother.

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